iRobot Introduces Commercial and Consumer Versions of Breakthrough Web-Enabled Robots

iRobot Corporation, a leading provider of mobile robot products, today announced plans for two new versions of its ground-breaking iRobot mobile robot. The announcement came at the Demo 2001 Conference the premier launch venue for new products, technologies, and companies.

The iRobot is the first multi-purpose robot that can be controlled through a web browser from anywhere in the world. The robot provides on demand remote eyes and ears and allows users to "project themselves" into another location. Over the Internet, users can WebDrive the iRobot wherever a person can comfortably walk.

At Demo 2001, iRobot Corporation unveiled plans for two versions of the iRobot. The first to come available is a commercial version aimed at providing corporations with a web-accessible, mobile telepresence. "Imagine, you have a problem at your factory in Hong Kong; with the iRobot, you can visit the assembly line and see the problem for yourself without going half way around the world," says Helen Greiner, President and co-founder of iRobot Corporation. "Or when you're on the road, imagine being able to have your robot walk through your office for conversations with co-workers, as if you were actually there." Applications for this technology range from teleconferencing to telemedicine and beyond.

"We've been hearing a lot of buzz about robotics recently with some major players entering the market," said Chris Shipley, executive producer of Demo 2001. "iRobot has come out with the first really practical robot for home and businesses and is well positioned to be a major player in this emerging market with products that are extendible and encourage third party development." In addition to the commercial version of the iRobot currently being sold to development partners, iRobot Corporation plans to introduce a consumer version of the iRobot within the year for approximately $2,000.

"The iRobot will be the first practical robotic application for consumers," says Greiner. "Imagine being able to keep a robotic eye on elderly parents so they can keep living in their own homes. Imagine having a remote presence so you can check for storm damage at your vacation home. Or, imagine inviting friends from around the world to take part in your birthday party just by dialing into your robot over the Internet. " "WebDrive is the first compelling mobile robot applications in the consumer and business space," says Greiner. "To complement WebDrive, we are developing a host of other applications that iRobot owners will be able to download from the iRobot website."

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About iRobot:iRobot Corporation, a leading provider of mobile robots, is actively developing robots for the consumer market. Founded in 1990 by Professor Rodney Brooks, director of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, iRobot has developed unique technologies that enable the construction of affordable, intelligent machines, such as the iRobot robot, Hasbro's My Real Baby™™ doll and a full line of robots for the research community. iRobot is a privately held company whose principal outside investors include Acer Technology Venture Fund L.P. and First Albany Companies, Inc. iRobot and WebDrive are trademarks of iRobot Corporation. For more information, please visit

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